Prueba de nivel Adolescentes

    Choose the correct word from the options to fill in the blanks

    1) you English?
    2) I English.
    3) I don´t like this backpack, I like red one over there.
    4) I dance, it’s impossible for me!
    5) you like watching TV?
    6) There a big tree next to my house, It´s very beautiful.
    7) My dog is smaller your dog
    8) Mary happy yesterday, she was sad!
    9) I don’t have skirts at all! I need to buy one.
    10) What you like to eat?

    Write the superlative form of the following adjectives

    11) Strong
    12) Tall
    13) Big
    14) Good

    Choose one of the modal verbs from the box and complete the sentences with the correct one (some will be left over)

    15) They respect the law, or they will go to jail.
    16) I hand in my assignment for class on time. It is obligatory.

    Complete the sentences with the given verbs in the correct tense form

    17) John (fall) from the horse yesterday afternoon
    18) (have) Anna ever travelled to Barcelona?
    19) The store (built) during the 1990´s.

    Choose the correct answer for each of the questions

    20) My parents me to make my own decisions.
    21) I haven’t finished the play .
    22) I’m afraid you missed her, she has left.

    Choose the correct option for each sentence

    23) I to go to the beach as a child.
    24) Is that the boy called you?
    25) My mother me while I was shopping.
    26) I have just realized that I my keys at home this morning.

    Fill in the blank with the corresponding conjunction from the box

    27) it rains I will go to the outdoor swimming pool.
    28) I will let you know I have a problem.
    29) Can you tell me the train leaves?
    30) My mother said I must meet her the class finishes.

    Choose the correct answer for each of the questions

    31) I my bed every morning.
    32) Jim me to go to his office today
    33) I didn´t anything wrong, I promise!
    34) I have never to India, but I would like to.
    35) Kim has to the store, but she’ll be right back.

    Complete the sentence with a tag question

    36) Maria is from Spain she?
    37) Joe doesn’t like coffee he?
    38) It isn`t a problem, it?
    39) You aren’t upset you?

    Complete the sentences with the verb in either the present perfect simple or present perfect continuous

    40) What you (do) all day?
    41) They (call) the emergency services all morning.
    42) The film was so exciting, I (wait) for the second part for a long time.
    43) His attitude (be) so strange, no one can understand it.
    44) Once Grace (finished) the whole race, she can relax.

    Choose the correct option for each sentence

    45) I would have gone there if I about it.
    46) I´m really anxious the course.
    47) The results to the students yesterday.
    48) I would you if I had known something about it.
    49) I promise I study for the exam this time!
    50) If I you, I wouldn´t do that!

    Complete the sentences with the vocabulary from the box in the correct tense

    51) Felix a bunch of old pictures while he was cleaning up his room.
    52) Kirsten thinks she might be with a cold; she has a sore throat and has been coughing a lot.
    53) Fred might be to the idea of living in Paris; after all it is quite beautiful and modern.
    54) They have [ with this incredible plan which cannot fail. It’s absolutely wonderful.

    Choose the correct option for the following sentences

    55) I left my house and closed the door before realizing that I my house keys.
    56) I don’t know whether I should choose the city house or the in the countryside.
    57) I wish I more time to do all the things I wanted before leaving the city.
    58) After he there for two weeks, he got bored and left.
    59) Sarah declared that she any more children now.
    60) What she wanted to know was how she the competition
    61) It was the huge traflc jam that made very diflcult.