Prueba de nivel de inglés para Adultos

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    Fill in the gaps with one or more words. If you don’t think any words are necessary, write ----

    1) I Spanish.
    2) you English?
    3) Mr. Smith is teacher.
    4) No, I don’t want this book, I want book over there.
    5) I swim (it’s not possible).
    6) you like going to the cinema?
    7) There seven people here.
    8) I don’t have money but I have credit cards!
    9) you go to the cinema yesterday?
    10) No. I to the cinema last week.
    11) Sarah happy yesterday.
    12) This chair is bigger the other chair.
    13) This film is terrible, it is the film I have seen.
    14) Look at all those dark clouds! It’s to rain.
    15) Waiter: What you like to drink?
    16) You call your mother every day. (recommendation/suggestion)
    17) Mary (drop) her keys when she opened the door.
    18) I have lived in Madrid 1996.
    19) Do you want to visit Rome or Paris? I’d visit Paris.
    20) you ever eaten a spider?
    21) I (call) my mother three times this morning (It’s 10.00 p.m.)
    22) (call) my mother three times this morning (It’s 10:00 a.m.)
    23) I go to Barcelona, I haven’t decided yet.
    24) The building (construct) in 1977.
    25) I go to the beach when I was a child, but now I don’t.
    26) Is that the man took your bag?
    27) I can’t see where Sarah is, there are people.
    28) If I go to Ireland, it rain.
    29) While I (walk) to the car, my mother (ring) me. When I (speak) to her I realized that I (forgot) my keys.
    30) You like apples you?.
    31) You haven´t got any news you?.
    32) tell me what time the bus leaves at?
    33) It would be a disaster if Real Madrid (lose) the match.
    34) I (call) my mother twice this month and I (call) my father all morning, trying to contact him.
    35) When I was younger I run for miles. (1 WORD)
    36) The man I was talking to was standing over there a minute ago.
    37) The treasure, was worth a lot of money, was under the bridge.
    38) Pacific Ocean is big ocean. I have experience of sailing it, would you like information about it? Very people are interested in it, but I have little time to tell you about it.
    39) I haven’t seen my sister in ages, I’m really looking forward (see) her.
    40) She looked terrified, she thought we were going to kill her! (2 WORDS)
    41) The medication (give) to the patients, as you requested. (3 WORDS)
    42) I my hair cut the other day at the new hairdresser’s around the corner.
    43) The trees which blew down in the storm are being taken away -- > Trees (ONE WORD ONLY) down in the storm are being taken away.
    44) London is so different to Valencia!!! I find it very difficult used to the weather.
    45) That man was so interesting that I listened to him for hours. He was such that I listened to him for hours.
    46) I would have gone to the cinema if I (know) the tickets were so cheap.
    47) If I you, I wouldn’t go to the party in that dress.
    48) It’s a good thing you called your mother or we would never have gotten a lift home. We wouldn’t have gotten a lift your mother.
    49) I promise I study for the next exam. I know if I don’t, I to get a bad mark.
    50) I opened the front door and walked to my car before realizing that I (forgot) my car keys.
    51) After I (be) there for ten years I decided to leave and look for a new job.
    52) Taking more time off will allow me (plan) the timing of my workload more efficiently.
    53) Driving down the mountain while there was an avalanche was terrifying.
    54) Snowboarding is the most interesting sport, in my opinion. I really love it.
    55) I wish I (have) more money in my current account before I left my job. (2WORDS)
    56) I don’t know whether I should buy the pink shirt or the green (NOT shirt) – They both look so similar.
    57) Sarah “I don’t really want more children now” –> Sarah declared that
    58) I want to know how she won the competition. –> What competition.
    59) The amount of traffic made driving quickly very difficult. –> It made driving quickly very difficult.
    60) I (meet) Michelle but then I got caught up at work and forgot. (4 WORDS )